Master of Science in Computer INformation Systems

Our MBA program is designed to develop strategic, behavioral, and technical competencies that enable individuals to be superior performers in their business environment.

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS)

Program Description

The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) program aims to provide students with advanced competencies in technical and managerial skills in the areas of computer systems, networks, communications, and data analysis. This program also emphasizes the use of critical thinking and ethical principles, as well as the effective use of information systems and data to develop organizations and optimize business processes with a clear understanding of Christian ethics and values. Upon graduation, MSCIS graduates are expected to pursue junior to executive level managerial positions in business and IT enterprises classified under United States Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification codes 111-3021, 15-1212, 15- 1231, 15-1241, 15-1244.

MSCIS Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) program will be able to:

    1. Examine the effective use of information systems and data to develop organizations and enhance business processes. 
    2. Incorporate Christian principles into organizational leadership to make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions in business organizations. 
    3. Evaluate and manage various components of database systems within organizations of varying needs. 
    4. Develop advanced project management skills, teamwork methodologies, and organizational structures to facilitate effective strategic planning, utilizing industry best practices and innovative techniques to achieve project goals and objectives. 
    5. Develop the ability to manage and administer a business organization with a clear understanding of Christian ethics and values. 

Program Course Requirements

Students for the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (M.S.C.I.S.) program must provide proof that they have completed a bachelor’s degree in a computer information systems related area such as computer engineering or information systems from a recognized post-secondary institution of higher learning. Those who have not completed their bachelor’s degrees in computer information systems related areas will be required to enroll and complete the program prerequisite courses as determined and approved by the Academic Dean.

Classifications of Instruction Program

CIP Code: 11.0101     Title: Computer and Information Sciences, General

MSCIS Program Requirements

Prerequisite Courses (4 courses)

Students who completed their bachelor’s degree in a non-information field or students with an insufficient background in computer information systems are required to complete up to four (4) prerequisite courses. Some prerequisite courses may be waived or taken in combination with another course with the Academic Dean’s approval. 

Course # Course Title Units
BM 201 Principles of Management  4
BM 221  Business Statistics I  4
CS 201  Introduction to Computer Information Systems  4
CS 221  Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms  4

Major Courses (11 courses)

Course # Course Title Units
BA 501 Management Communication  4
BA 510 Managerial Christian Ethics and Values  4
BA 512 Advanced Strategic Management  4
BA 521 Leadership and Organization Behavior  4
BA 573  Project Planning & Management Seminar   4
CS 521  Management Information Systems   4
CS 552 Comparative System Development Methodologies  4
CS 561  Data Modeling & Database Administration  4
CS 568  Advanced SQL  4
CS 571  Network Planning & Administration  4
CS 582  Information Systems Security  4

Elective Courses

With MS611 Project, choose any two (2) courses that are not listed as major courses of MBA programs; subject to the approval of the Academic Office.

With Comprehensive Exam, choose any three (3) courses that are not listed as major courses of MBA programs; subject other approval of the Academic Office.

Choose any one (1) course below:

Course # Course Title Units
MS 611  Project  4
MS 612 Comprehensive Exam 0

Graduation Requirements

The MSCIS degree is conferred upon satisfactory completion of the required quarter units shown below. Aminimum grade point average of 3.0 is required.

Courses With Project With Comprehensive Exam
Prerequisite Courses 0 units 0 units
Major Courses  44 units 44 units
Electives 8 units 12 units
Project/Exam 4 units 0 units
Total 56 units 56 units

 Up to 16 quarter units (4 courses) of coursework can be accepted for transfer credit from another institution. At least24 quarter units (6 courses) must be completed in residency at the California University of Management andSciences. Deviations and substitutions for the requirements must be approved by the Academic Dean prior to the start of classes.